May 2019 Newsletter

April In Review


Inventory, inventory, inventory. That was pretty much the story of my April. There was lots of printing and lots of mat board and foam board cutting. Thankfully April was much less frustrating than March was, and I was able to actually make a lot of progress on getting inventory built up. I didn’t have near as many problems with mat board cutting as I had in March. That helped a lot. And because of that, I was able to get a lot of prints made and not waste a bunch of time on mat board cutting.

The second half of the month I finally got around to ordering art show display items (tent, lights, print display racks, etc.). The last week of the month, I got most of this delivered, and I got all my framed prints back as well. That was really exciting. It really made it feel like I was starting to make some good progress. I’m to the point now, though, where I have my art show stuff scattered all throughout the house. Haha.


And last, but not least, I was finally able to get out and get some new pictures in April, one of which is shown above. My family went on a camping trip to Sardis Lake mid-month. For the trip down there, I took the “scenic route” and stopped in a few towns along the way to try and get some fire hydrant pictures. I got a few decent pictures, and I was able to get a few more pictures of other things while at the campground. You can see the rest here. It’s always nice to get out with the camera after a while of not using it, and it makes it even better when you can get some good pictures as well.

Looking Forward To May

May is off to a rough start already. Haha. Yesterday after work I was planning on making a couple stops after work that were out of the way of my normal route home. While I was at my first stop, I realized that some severe thunderstorms were headed my way, so I skipped the second stop and headed home. The thunderstorms ended up fizzling out quickly just as they got to OKC, so I could have made the second stop after all. And then I did some digging into a metal print order I placed this past weekend, it looks like it didn’t go through. I was hoping to have the prints back by tomorrow so I could get my tent set up and take pictures with the prints, but it appears that won’t be happening now. Hopefully it’s not a sign of how the month is going to go.

The goals for this month are to get my tent set up and get some pictures so I can start applying to shows. I would like to have a “trial run” show mid-month for family and friends so I can try and work out a few kinks prior to a real show. And I’ll slowly be adding to my inventory in the meantime. It should hopefully be a slower month compared to the last couple, but there is still lots to do. I will be focused a lot more on getting ready for shows as opposed to the inventory side of things.

It should be an exciting month if I can get everything done that I would like. Hopefully I got most of the bad luck out of the way yesterday.

One thought on “May 2019 Newsletter”

  1. It sounds like you’re making good progress for show Brent! Wish I could be there for the trial run 😁. I enjoy my jewelry shows! So Have Fun with it!!


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