July 2019 Newsletter


June In Review

Compared to the previous three months, June was a pretty quiet month. The early part of the month was spent finishing up preparations for the Vinita Route 66 Festival, with most of that time devoted on trying to figure out how to get everything packed in the truck. I ended up having to built some custom carrying racks for some of my framed prints to make things fit how I wanted. I’m super happy with how they turned out. Once I got those made, it was tight, but thankfully everything fit.

Long story short, the Vinita Route 66 Festival did not go well. I wrote a blog post after the show with the details. However, not all was lost. I learned some great lessons from the show, and definitely came away with some things I can improve on for the next show.

The second half of the month has been spent making repairs to damaged prints/frames from the Vinita show, making some improvements to my custom racks I built, and trying to figure out shows to apply to in the coming months. The slowdown has been pretty nice, but I’m itching to get into some shows. Haha.

Looking Forward To July

Right now, July appears to be a pretty quiet month outside of vacation. However, I’m crossing my fingers I can get into An Affair of the Heart in Tulsa last minute. Not too confident that will happen, but it would be nice to get in a show in July if I can.

Our annual family vacation to Wyoming is coming up this month. Hopefully my brother and I can get in a backpacking trip during our vacation, and at the end of the month or early August I’ll have some great mountain photos to share. I’m thinking the snow may limit where we can go this year, but hopefully not.

Upcoming Shows

Joplin Arts Fest
September 20-21, 2019
Joplin, MO

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