The Australia Journals: May 21, 2010

The Hook Turn…something unique to Melbourne.

For background on this series of blogs, see this intro post.


Being shy and an introvert, I have always struggled to make friends. It was difficult after my family moved when I was 14. It was difficult when I went to college. And it was difficult when I went to Australia. It definitely resulted in some frustration and rough days while I was there. If you’re the same way, don’t let it discourage you from doing study abroad though. I won’t lie, there will probably be some difficult days, but it can still be an amazing experience. You can still have some great moments, like the “made in America” joke reference in the journal entry below. 

The Journal Entry

Today was an ok day. I got up at 7 and got ready. 3360 was normal this morning. After 3360 Elizabeth and I went to the campus center to print stuff off. After that I went to Menzies to work on 3040. Elizabeth went to get a metcard and then came up. Steve just did a review type thing in the 3040 tute today. That was cool. After that Elizabeth and I came back to halls. I got lunch and just hung out in my room until I had to leave for 2020. Melinda showed up to 2020 today. That was cool. She hasn’t been there much lately because she has had to do teaching rounds. 2020 was pretty fun today. One of the maps in the slides was messed up and somebody made the comment that it was probably made in America, and then Elizabeth was like “Hey!”. It was pretty funny. After 2020 we walked to the math building with Melinda. She went to turn in her 2020 assignment and we went to go get help from Steve on 3040. After we got help from Steve we came back to halls. I went to Elizabeth’s room for a couple minutes to go over 3040, and then came to my room. After I got back I read through a bunch of Vortex 2 stuff. Some people got videos of the TIV and other scientific research vehicles driving recklessly during this past chase day in OK, and so now there is a big uproar going on. It’s pretty intense. After that I worked on 3040 for a while. Nadia came in and visited for a few minutes at around 5:30, and then I got dinner after that. After dinner I tried to work on 3040 some more without much luck. At 7:30 the Geelong vs. Collingwood footy game came on. I watched that on my computer in my room. It was #1 vs. #2. I was so jealous that Elizabeth went. It makes me so frustrated that I tried to get people together to go and ended up going by myself. And then when the biggest game of the season comes around I have already gone to two games, and then Elizabeth goes with Erin and a couple of Erin’s friends. It just seems like I always get screwed doing stuff by myself. In addition to that someone used some of my butter at some point without asking, so that pissed me off. I let Jonno use my baking sheet last night, and he didn’t clean it, so I had to scrub it for a while tonight to use it. That’s the third time I have let someone use it and then I end up cleaning it. And on top of all that I just have felt so lonely lately. I just don’t feel like I fit in. I’m always in my room and never out doing stuff with people. Needless to say, it’s been a frustrating day. I’m really starting to be ready to go home. Anyway, the footy game was really good up until the 4th quarter, then Geelong kind of took off with it. After the game I watched 24. There’s only 2 more episodes of that left now. After 24 I started writing this. It’s now 11:20, and I think I’m gonna get ready for bed.  

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