The Australia Journals: June 5, 2010

One of the Melbourne places known around the world, particularly if you’re into sports.

For background on this series of blogs, see this intro post.


If you get really lucky while you’re studying abroad you’ll get to have the experience of watching a U.S. national team play the national team of the country you are in. In my case it was the U.S. mens soccer team playing the Australia mens soccer team. I’m not much of a soccer fan, but it was really fun watching it with several of the Aussie students in my dorm. Also, you’ll likely find that after studying abroad, you’ll become a big fan of that nation in sporting events (aka the tennis match mentioned in the journal entry, and in the olympics). And on the subject of tennis and sports, my semester of study abroad started right after the Australia Open finished, so each year the Australian Open is a reminder of my experience down under. Don’t be surprised if there is something each year after study abroad that reminds you that you were there or about to leave/come back from study abroad.

The Journal Entry

Written on June 6 about June 5.

Yesterday I got up at 8 and got ready. I went down to catch the shuttle to Brandon Park at about 9:15. I did my shopping at Coles and then came back. When I got back I got laundry going and then put the groceries up. After that I updated my checkbook. Not too long after that John called on Skype. We talked for a couple minutes, and then he got off to talk to his girlfriend. He said he would call back after. While I was waiting I ate lunch. A little while after I finished that he called back. We talked for about a half hour, and then he got off so I could call Mom. After he got off I got some tea poured into the jug and got another pot going. Then I got my whites out of the dryer. After that I called Mom on Skype. We talked for a while. I got laundry put up while I talked to her. After I finished talking to her I studied for 3360 until I got dinner. After I finished dinner I believe I studied 3360 for a while. At some point I stopped studying and started watching the footy game on my computer. Pretty soon after I started watching that I started cleaning my ears. Not too long after that Michael came in to watch the footy game. He hung out in here until the end of the game. That was cool. The game was West Coast vs. Geelong. It was a pretty good game. After that I hung out in my room for a few minutes, and then at about 10:45 went down to the projector room to watch the Australia vs. U.S. soccer game. They were playing a pre-World Cup game. That was pretty awesome. When I got down there it was already 1-0 U.S. At halftime of that game I went up to the foyer to watch the women’s French Open tennis final. One of the women playing in that was from Australia. After watching that for a little while I went back down to watch the soccer game. The U.S. ended up winning that 3-1. That was awesome. After that finished I went back up to the foyer and finished watching the tennis match. The Aussie lost. That was a big bummer. After that I got ready for bed. I didn’t get into bed until about 1:10. 

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