The Australia Journals: June 11, 2010

Looking through St. Kilda Harbour towards downtown Melbourne.

For background on this series of blogs, see this intro post.


The end of the trip got very real on this day. It was the last day that Elizabeth was in Australia. She had to leave early to get home for a summer internship/job, I believe. I was sad to see her go. After spending the last 4 months with her in Australia, it was kind of weird to not have her there the last couple weeks I was there. It was great having someone to share the experience with, and with me being on the shy and introverted side, it helped a lot having someone there I knew. But, I still had a couple weeks left in Australia that consisted of final exams and one last amazing trip, both of which you’ll hear about in the next couple blogs.

The Journal Entry

Written on June 12 about June 11.

I got up at 9 yesterday and got ready. After I got ready I started to study 3360 but then called my parents on Skype. After that I chatted with John on Skype for a little while, and then ate lunch. After lunch I tried to study for 3360, but don’t know how successful I was. I had a really hard time concentrating. I studied the majority of the afternoon. A little after 5 I made pancakes for dinner. After dinner I watched the Melbourne news and then Today Tonight for a little bit. After that I just chilled in my room until about 8:15. About that time Erin and Elizabeth came down so Elizabeth could give me her tomato sauce, bread, and sultanas. We ended up visiting in the hallway for quite a while and then we looked at a couple things on my computer. After that they went back up to Elizabeth’s room and I went out to the foyer and watched footy with Michael. We worked on a trivia thing with some other people as well. That was fun. After footy was over Elizabeth and Erin came back down to bring my saucepan back. We visited a little more and then they went back up and I got ready for bed. Before I got in bed I told Elizabeth goodbye on Skype since she was gonna be leaving to go to the airport to go home at 1:30 A.M. She ended up bringing my sharpie down that I gave her at the beginning of the semester. We said our goodbyes and then I went to bed.

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