The Australia Journals: June 27, 2010

Pictures I took of various license plates while in Australia.

For background on this series of blogs, see this intro post.


Four and a half months after hopping on a plane to Australia I was back in the U.S. While I was sad to have left Australia, I was glad to be home. Even though there were some rough days in there, it was still an incredible experience. It seems as time goes on, I gain more and more of an appreciation for the experience I got to have. I’m now a huge advocate of participating in a study abroad program if you have the opportunity. For most people, there will never be another opportunity to integrate yourself within another culture for an extended period of time and get the experiences that come with that. Not only will you meet plenty of people from the country you are studying in, but you’ll likely meet people from around the world. While you are studying abroad, be adventurous. Go exploring on your own if you can’t find anybody to go with (be safe, of course). See if the school offers any sort of special trips/events for students. Even if you can’t afford to do a lot of traveling, you’ll still have tons of opportunities for local experiences.

For those of you who have read through this whole series, I hope you have enjoyed it. It has been fun for me to read back through my entire journal after having it sit in storage for the last 10 years. It has made me want to go back there all over again. Haha. Hopefully I can make it back there again at some point.

Finally, if you know of anybody considering study abroad, encourage them to really look into it. I understand it’s not for everybody, but if they can make it work, it’s likely to be an experience they will be forever thankful they did.

The Journal Entry

I’m currently laying on my bed in Alpine and it is the 27th. I never got around to writing in this on the 25th. Anyway, my flight to L.A. ended up leaving Melbourne an hour late. That was a bummer. The flight was ok. The first half was a lot better than the second half. I got a lot more sleep/rest during the first half. The flight was pretty full. During the first half I slept/rested pretty much the whole time. There was a meal in there as well. During the second half I tried resting some, eventually watched an episode of Mythbusters, and then slept a little. I was woken up when they started serving breakfast. I didn’t eat much because my stomach felt horrible. After that I think I just tried to rest until we landed. We landed at about 8:20 A.M. Going through customs went pretty quickly. That was good. After I got through that I went to the Southwest terminal. I got there at about 9:30. I hung out there for a few minutes. I put my jacket and sweatpants up. A little before 10 I got in line to check in. That went pretty quickly. After I got checked in I went through security. That went pretty quickly as well. After that I just hung out until about 11:30. At that point I got lunch from McDonalds. After I finished lunch I worked on organizing pictures for a while. I talked to Cory for a while as well. My flight to El Paso left on time (at 1:40). That flight went pretty quickly. It wasn’t too full. I pretty much listened to my iPod and rested the whole time. We got into El Paso at about 4:30. I went and met with Mom and Dad and then we got my bags. After that we went to BK and ate dinner. After that we came home. We got home at about 10. I stayed up for a little while checking email and stuff. Just one more note. While I was in the L.A. airport, I noticed I was walking on the left instead of the right. That was pretty funny. Anyway, I believe that’s it for my Australia journal. It was an awesome trip, but I’m glad to be home. 

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