The Australia Journals: Mar. 19, 2010

A game of interhall volleyball while at Monash.

For background on this series of blogs, see this intro post.


I never played intramural sports at OU, but I was glad I did it while I was at Monash. It was a fun way to spend some time with the Australian students and other students studying abroad. If you do study abroad, I would definitely recommend looking for opportunities like this to spend some time with the “locals”. 

The Journal Entry

Today was pretty good. This morning I got up at 7 and made the rest of the pancake batter. It wasn’t that good this morning. After that I got ready and went to class. Once again 3360 was way confusing. I’m hoping to spend a while tomorrow going through problems and notes for that class. After that Elizabeth and I went to the Menzies building and studied until our 3040 tute. That went ok. Got to go back over a couple problems we worked in there sometime. After that I came back to my room. I ate lunch and then got onto my computer. I was hoping my parents would be on Skype, but they weren’t. I ended up watching some March Madness on the internet. That was pretty sweet to be able to do that. At 1:45 I headed to class. 2020 wasn’t too bad today. Nothing particularly interesting happened today though. After that I came back to my room and watched some more March Madness until about 3:45. At 3:45 I went down to the courtyard to meet to go play volleyball for interhall sports. Dave came down a couple minutes later. We weren’t able to get a team together until about 4, which is when our first game was supposed to be. We got to the place where we were playing and they hadn’t started yet. We were just playing at Monash Sport. We had 3 games we played. After a while some more people showed up so we ended up having a pretty good sized team. We lost all 3 games though. It was still fun. I really enjoyed it. After the games I came back and got a shower. Then I cooked a couple frozen pizza things for dinner. They were pretty good. After that I went to the foyer and watched a couple people play Mario for a while. At about 8:30 I came to my room and watched 24. It was a pretty awesome episode tonight. After that was over I started writing this. It’s only 9:40, but I’ll probably get ready for bed pretty soon since I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m planning on getting up at 8 tomorrow morning so I can go shopping early. 

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